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Fantastic travel to Matterhorn.

The pyramid-shaped Matterhorn and Switzerland are inseparably linked to each other.
Matterhorn is complicated to climb.
The first ascent of the Matterhorn in 1865, which cost the lives of four out of seven alpinists, changed the region forever. The Matterhorn became world-famous, and ambitious mountaineers aspired to climb it.
The artwork was made using mixed media on a premium canvas with professional and high quality, and it was finished with a varnish. I use high-quality materials, such as Golden Acrylics. These materials ensure the paintings' bright and clear colors for years.

The painting will be removed from stretcher bars and shipped rolled in a tube.

Fantastic travel to Matterhorn. Original Abstraktion

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  • H x B

    100 x 70 cm

    39.37 x 27.55 in

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