“Luminescent Horizon”

The incredible colorful sky and its reflection on the sea have inspired the creation of this artwork.

The artist expressed her emotion on canvas.

Acrylic colors of ocean blue, light sky blue, ultramarine, violet, ochre, yellow and refined light magenta created the incredible atmosphere at the seascape.

With the splashes of color and expressive strokes, she created the sense of wonderful evening sky, the motion of the day changing to the night, underlining the beautiful play of the light and dark.

Through expressionism and semi-abstract, this artwork expresses the sense of sea mood.

This seascape acrylic painting is ready to hang.

The artwork was finished with a varnish for bright colors and clear permanent protection for years.

A certificate of authenticity included

Luminescent Horizon Original Abstraktion

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  • H x B

    80 x 80 cm

    31.5 x 31.5 in