The acrylic colors of magenta, neon pink, Indian yellow, burnt sienna, light blue, and ultramarine violet express the atmosphere of the excellent landscape abstraction.

Through street art and expressive abstraction, the artist expresses the rhythm of jogging at the seacoast. She painted the reflection on the beach with bright silver, black, and white.

Through this painting, she communicates how our thoughts, perceptions, and awareness are reflected in life.

"Your perception of me is a reflection of you…my reaction to you is an awareness of me".

The reality is that the world is the same as it always was; we see it differently.

The artwork was finished with a varnish for bright colors and clear permanent protection for years. A certificate of authenticity included

Reflection Of You Original Artwork Abstract Painting

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  • H x B

    80 x 100 cm

    32 x 39 inches