This work is a kind of condemnation of war.

In every form. Today this subject seems more resonant than ever.

The mythologic Venus de Milo, who lost their arms during the world evolution, is caught between the past and the present, but still calls upon don't forget the mistakes of the past.


Acrylic colors of light sky blue and neon pink highlight the ancient, light teal color body of Venus.

Through expressionism, abstract, street art styles, and figurative this artwork express the sense of being, kindness, empathy, and love.


This is the large ready to hang acrylic painting on gallery canvas.

The artwork was finished with a varnish for bright colors and clear permanent protection for years. A certificate of authenticity is included.

The Monument of Humanity Original Artwork Street Art Painting

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  • H x B

    100 x 70 cm

    39 x 28 in