" Wonderful butterfly " is an art portrait of a famous Marilyn.
Mixed media on premium canvas with professional and high quality. 
She personified American beauty and happiness. Can anybody say who she really was, what she thought? Where was artificial, false, and where was real? The Showbusiness shows not what we are, but what they want we are. Look at numerous photos of Marilyn, and you will discover she was always different, always plaid some role.
I have chosen one of her images, where she stood with a harmless smile, but she held her fists like she was ready to repulse.
I intentionally placed the newspaper`s article upside down and her mole on the wrong cheek. Her image wasn`t what people saw. Her life was not that people thought. All was turned upside down.
Wonderful butterfly, fragile, short-life.

Wonderful Butterfly

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  • H x B

    60 x 60 cm

    24 x 24 in