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About Me

 I am a self-taught multidisciplinary artist, who spends all her free time with a paintbrush in hand, has her own painting style, and has developed and perfected an identifiable technique. Also, I have attended art schools and workshops for European artists.

For me, painting is a passion, is a kind of meditation. I forget all around me when I paint.

26_2022_Sunny Walkabout_60 x 80 cm_07.JPG

I love each of my paintings, but even more, I love when my paintings go to other people to give them the pleasure of beholding them.

I paint emotions and feelings, thoughts, and memories evoked by some event or object. Usually, I have an idea for a new painting when I see interesting people or their emotions, beautiful animals and their habits, or just beautiful nature, all that fascinates me.

I know why I am an artist, what my art is about, and what I want to contribute, communicate, add to the larger art world conversation around me.

  • What can I paint for you?

     Abstraction, land- and seascape, portraits

  • What kind of materials do I use?

    I work with acrylic, oil colors, pastel. Often I work with mixed media. All materials I use      have a high quality.

  • Do I paint to order?

    Yes, the commission is open.

  • Where  I have had exhibitions?

    Zurich, Monaco, Berlin, Marbella, Tarragona

It is important for me that the collector is satisfied with the result. Therefore, I take a responsible approach to each order, to each commission. You will be happy with my work!

Do you have more questions?
Do not hesitate to ask me!

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