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Textured art workshop
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I am happy to see you here, you have the intention to be creative and add colour to your life.
Below are some of my trainings. All trainings are individualised.

I do not lead a group. All my focus is on you so that your investment in the training pays off 100%.

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Current trainings

My courses are available in German, English and Russian languages.

Click on the course title

and send me your enquiry


This course consists of two modules.

Module 1

You learn to work with texture, which textures and pastes are ideal for high relief (up to 10cm), what tools to work with and where to buy them all.

10 video lesson.

Extra bonus:

The effect of water droplets on a painting.

Result: You create luxury sculptural paintings instead of mediocre boring paintings.

Module 2

You learn metal painting technique, what gold leaf and tools to work with and where to buy it all.

8 video lessons

Extra Bonus:

1. How to get ideas for your paintings.

2. How make a mesmerizing reel with your artwork.

Result: You will create a luxury metal painting that will surprise everyone.

Access to lessons for life.

3 months of personalized support.

Same training as online "Floral Abstraction", but you will learn on your own by watching videos.
Access is unlimited.

What will I learn?

Pouring art, gels, mediums.

What do I get?

One finished artwork that you have created.

How long does the class last?

Usually, 2 to 3 hours. I do not look at the clock and do not rush my students.

What do I need to prepare?

Materials according to the list you will receive in advance.


I had my lesson with Lana and it was a wonderful 3 hours that we worked together. I was fascinated to paint my first painting and couldn't believe that I got a very nice piece.


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