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Feeling like a queen is all about embracing your self-worth, confidence, and uniqueness. When you see yourself as a queen, you inherently value yourself, stand tall with pride, and radiate positive energy. 
This bold, vibrant, colorful and brightly sculptural floral abstraction rafdiate positive energy and spend an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance.
With its timeless elegance and unrivaled craftsmanship, the "I`m Queen" painting is a must-have for any art lover.
How this painting was created: 
high textured acrylic abstraction, texture covered with golden powder, on a wooden panel. You acquire not only an artwork but also the opportunity to enjoy its beautiful details every day.
Ready to hang. Comes with a certificate of authenticity. 
Each of my pieces has its personality and is created with love!

I`m Queen. 3D Painting

2.450,00 €Preis
inkl. MwSt.
Shipping in 10 days
  • H x B

    80 x 80 cm

    32 x 32 in



  • Worldwide Shipping.

    All duty and customs fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.


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