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Textured, acrylic artwork on wooden panel. Coated with two layers of resin.

"Premium Botanicals" is a customer favourite. This technique is full of volume and gloss.
Look at the rich texture, each colour has its own unique volume. It is a magnificent and chic work suitable for any interior, adding glamour and elegance to it.
The price is for the size 80 x 100 cm. Each client is unique, so prices for other sizes are calculated individually.
You acquire not only a work of art but also the opportunity to enjoy its beautiful details every day. And all this at an affordable price!


Inhale The Love. 3D Painting

1.450,00 €Preis
inkl. MwSt.
  • H x B

    80 x 100 cm

    39 x 32 inches


  • Worldwide Shipping.

    All duty and customs fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.


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